WOW! Stories 2015

We are honored and down right falling-out-of-our-seats excited to introduce the incredible line up for WOW!Stories 2015


Back for its fourth year, the annual WOW! Stories has become one of Whidbey Island’s most popular and well-loved shows, featuring riveting talks and moving performances from Whidbey’s most interesting and inspiring women.  New this year, WOW! Stories is offering a choice of Friday evening or Saturday morning—or both—with a different slate of speakers and performers weaving a web of intimacy and delight each day.

Two Days, Two Different Shows at WICA

Friday, March 13 @ 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Saturday, March 14 @ 11:00 am- 2:00 pm

Friday’s event features talks and performances by:

Sharon Betcher, Sharon Daloz Parks, Kathy Fox, Lucinda Herring, Annie Jesperson, Joanne Keefe, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Haley McConnaughey, Rainey, Shannon Stalpaert and Debora Valis.

Saturday’s event feature:

Judith Adams, Sarah Boin, The Carolina Parrots, Julie Gersten, Marion Henny, Jill Johnson, Jenn Jurriaans, Hannah McConnaughey, Mary K. Sandford, Jean Shaw, Aleah Stacey and jazz musicians from South Whidbey High School.

Learn a bit more about these incredible women  here . 

And, join us on our Facebook page starting this week to lean about surprising and interesting things about the 2015 WOWers as we roll out our annual “teasers” in the count down to the show!

Tickets are $25  and include a wine reception on Friday night, lunch on Saturday.  Proceeds benefit WICA so we hope you’ll join us for one day, or both — Double the fun!

Tickets available through the WICA box office at 221-8268 or


The story behind WOW! Stories

What started off as an idea by Diana Lindsay that “within every Whidbey woman there’s a TED Talk,” has now evolved to become a uniquely Whidbey version of the famed TED conference, complete with riveting talks and remarkable performances ranging from 5-12 minutes that inspire and delight. Hundreds of Islanders – women and men, young and old— continue to gather for this annual benefit for WICA.

“I saw it as a love poem to the wonderful women of Whidbey,” Lindsay says, remembering the founding vision behind WOW! Stories. “And I think that’s why it continues on, and why we see more and more men in the audience each year!

The event is produced by a volunteer team of friends who call themselves Seriously Fun Productions — Diana Lindsay, Rene Neff, Lynn Willeford, Debora Valis, Shannon Arndt, Heather Racicot, and with help from an original founding member and W.I.N leader, Mary Fisher. Their motto: If it’s not fun let’s not do it!

SFP1“We are often asked ‘Won’t you eventually run out of women to invite?’ And our answer is always, ‘Are you kidding?’ There are so many women here with talent, passion and true character that we worry we won’t get to all of them before we die,” says Willeford.

For loyal attendees that have attended each year, the WOW! promise of “stories worth sharing” calls them to attend the event again.

“We were so enthralled and moved by the first WOW! Stories that upon hearing there was going to be a second event, we wondered how it could ever repeat the experience,” said Langley resident Carol Kerley. “And yet, last year’s event blew our expectations away. We’re sure this year will exceed our expectation once again.”

Don’t delay, get your tickets

The event has been deemed the fastest-selling events in WICA’s history, sometimes selling out before the promo posters get hung around town. “We joked about selling a few of the sold-out tickets on the black market to bring in more donations for WICA” said Shannon Arndt, the newest member of Seriously Fun Productions and speaker at the inaugural event in 2012.

“WOW! has become one of Whidbey Island’s most popular and well-loved shows, featuring inspired talks and moving performances from the Island’s leading thinkers and doers,” said Deana Duncan, programming and production director for WICA. “It’s unique, creative, courageous, and awe-inspiring.”

WICA’s executive director Stacie Burgua adds,“Today’s society needs real-life heroes. Heroes who inspire us to do more, be more, and who we can relate to – “If they can do it, I can do it.” I think the success of WOW! stems from discovering the heroes who are living in our own community. They are people we might know and we’d love to learn a bit more about them.”

We hope you’ll join us for WOW! Stories 2015. See you there!