Video Now Available!

We are so fortunate and honored to share video of the WOW presenters  with you — from both 2013 and our inaugural 2012 talks.  This is made possible by the generous support from Whidbey TV, as well as community support from many other local businesses and supporters who purchased ads in the event program last year.

Please join us in thanking Whidbey TV and friends, especially George Henny, Chis Gabriel, Patricia Friedman, Caven Keith and Clancy Dunigan for endless hours and skilled expertise in making the videos. And most importantly, thank you to all our past and future presenters for sharing your stories and for inspiring us all.

So sit back, relax and watch the amazing WOW Stories again and again.  Laugh, cry, be moved and share your passion.


Click on the thumbnail of the presenter you want to watch from the Home Page; browse the Presenters Page; or simply search for their name om the site search bar.


Thanks again Whidbey TV for your support!


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