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It’s almost a week after WOW! and we continue to receive heartfelt emails and calls thanking us for organizing WOW! Stories. It’s as if we simply do not want the conversations and experience to end! And, come on. Let’s be honest. We don’t!

First, let us say that while humbled and appreciative of all your kind words, the “thanks” goes entirely to all of you! You are the inspiration behind all of this. The idea for WOW! was started to hear your stories, to celebrate you. And, Bravo my friends; Bravo!  You delivered!    From the presenters and performers who shared so much of themselves; to the tireless volunteers and support team who welcomed us, nourished us, and made the day possible. And, most importantly, to everyone who attended and came to celebrate.   You are the ones who make this real.Wowmorningstreatchcrop

One of the things that struck me as I looked out from behind the curtain backstage  and wandered Zech Hall at lunch was an overwhelming sense of connection. Did you feel it too?    Sure, many of us came to WOW!  already “connected” through friends, family and colleagues. And, sure, we are connected through this place many of us call home, but I get the sense that it’s something more than that.  I’m having a hard time finding the right words to describe it, but I feel it.  And, it’s awesome.

So, it’s with our sincere appreciation that we we say THANK YOU for making WOW! 2013 amazing. We laughed,  we cried, we dreamed and sat in wonder – and most importantly, we connected.  Thank you for this gift.

Now, your turn.  What was your impression of the day?  Please share your comments below!


And, watch this site for more updates. We hope to share future updates and insights from our presenters. And, thanks to Clancy, Whidbey Tel, and the many people and local businesses that purchased ads in our program,  we’re working on video from the day and can’t wait to share it with you here at our website.  Please stay tuned and join in the conversation. Let us know what’s on your minds, the wonderful Women of Whidbey!


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