Your WOW! Stories Class of 2016

WOWStories 2016

Announcing the WOW! Stories 2016 Line up

Be wow’d this March 11 & 12  at WOW! Stories 2016

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Mark Your Calendars!

WOW! Stories 2016 dates announced!

It’s a big year for us…. 2016 marks the 5th year of WOW! Stories.

Mark your calendars. You won’t want to miss it!

Friday, March 11 @ 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Saturday, March 12 @ 2:00 – 4:30 pm



Your WOW! Stories Class of 2015


Friday’s event features talks and performances by:

Sharon Betcher, Sharon Daloz Parks, Kathy Fox, Lucinda Herring, Annie Jesperson, Joanne Keefe, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Haley McConnaughey, Rainey, Shannon Stalpaert and Debora Valis.

Saturday’s event features:

Judith Adams, Sarah Boin, The Carolina Parrots, Julie Gersten, Marion Henny, Jill Johnson, Jenn Jurriaans, Hannah McConnaughey, Mary K. Sandford, Jean Shaw, Aleah Stacey and jazz musicians from South Whidbey High School.


Tickets available now from WICA  – 360-221-8268  /


WOW! Stories 2015

We are honored and down right falling-out-of-our-seats excited to introduce the incredible line up for WOW!Stories 2015


Back for its fourth year, the annual WOW! Stories has become one of Whidbey Island’s most popular and well-loved shows, featuring riveting talks and moving performances from Whidbey’s most interesting and inspiring women.  New this year, WOW! Stories is offering a choice of Friday evening or Saturday morning—or both—with a different slate of speakers and performers weaving a web of intimacy and delight each day.

Two Days, Two Different Shows at WICA

Friday, March 13 @ 7:00 – 10:00 pm
Saturday, March 14 @ 11:00 am- 2:00 pm

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A Woman Knows by Karin Blaine & Siri Bardarson

At WOW 2014, Karin Blaine and Siri Bardarson returned to the stage to open the event with an original song worthy of celebration.

These soulful sisters have kindly shared the lyrics with us.  Thank you, Karin and Siri for being part of WOW!


Here are the lyrics…


Here we are, gathered ‘round – to share the tale

Of the paths we take – the lives we build – how we prevail

The strength of our stories will hang in the air and shimmer like gold


We will be filled with the wonder – of what a woman knows

A woman knows – how to live

How to roll with the punches, pick her self up and start again


A woman knows – life ain’t a joke

You gotta push and pull and groan and bleed to work life out

A woman knows

A woman knows

The shirts and ties they give us a smile and condescend

You gotta slow down, girls, change takes time, better leave it to us

This battle is ours to lead – we know the score -

We won’t be stopped – oh no! – we’re gonna ask for more

A woman knows – the time is here

To raise her voice – speak the truth and change the world

A woman knows – love is the key

To find the tenderness and grace this poor world needs

A woman knows

A woman knows

CELLO SOLO over ½ of a verse



A woman knows – the time has here

To raise her voice – speak the truth and change the world

A woman knows – love is the key

To find the tenderness and grace this poor world needs

A woman knows

A woman knows

A woman knows

WOW! Stories Spread to New Ideas

After the annual event is over each year, we love to hear how WOW! lives on in the hearts and minds of our community. We also love hearing how the experience of WOW!  is helpful in catalyzing more WOW! doings in our speakers. So we were thrilled when Betsy McGregor used her WOW! talk to promote her new book, In Awe of Being Human, and when Elise Miller used hers as part of her grant application to the Robert Woods Foundation.

Watch their original talks here:

Betsy McGregor


Elise Miller


WOW! talks evolve too. Vicki Robbins gave an awesome TEDX talk in Seattle and Diana Lindsay’s 14-minute WOW! talk morphed into a 5-minute IGNITE talk presented at the Thriving Communities conference last week-end.


Vicki Robbins



Diana Lindsay

Diana Lindsay – Author, “Something MoreThan Hope” from Aimie Vallat on Vimeo.


Thanks to all for keeping the WOW! spirit going all year round.

Now, What have the women of WOW!Stories inspired YOU to do? Share you thoughts here!

Announcing the 3rd Annual WOW! Stories 2014


We are pleased to announce the 2014 WOW! Stories line up.  Please join us on Saturday, March 8th at WICA for riveting presentations from some of Whidbey Island’s most amazing women: Lisa Kois, Georgia Gerber, Sue Taves & Vicky Brown, Colleen Chartier, Chéri Olney, Sue Frause, Beth Smith, Jeanne Strong, Val Easton, Autumn Preble, Lynnaea Lumbard, Dyanne Sheldon, Amy Wheeler, Audrey Neubauer, Kathy McLaughlin McCabe, Cynthia Jaffe and Erica Rayner-Horn.

Plus remarkable performances by Margaret Storer & Linda Morris, Karin Blaine & Siri Bardarson, Bekah Zachritz and Whidbey Island Dance Theatre and fun group activities led by Judith Walcutt and Daunne Zinger.

Although WOW! Stories is a perfect mother-daughter or girlfriend event, men will also enjoy the conference and are very welcome!

Join us after the closing performance for a no-host wine bar reception from 3:00-4:00 pm.

Your $25.00 ticket to this Whidbey Island Center for the Arts benefit includes a locally-made box lunch.  Snacks and refreshments will also be avaialble for purchase from W.I.N.

Tickets available through the WICA box office at 221-8268 or .

Don’t put off buying your ticket—the show will sell out!

Brought to you by Seriously Fun Productions: Diana Lindsay, Rene Neff, Lynn Willeford, Heather Racicot & Shannon Arndt



Video Now Available!

We are so fortunate and honored to share video of the WOW presenters  with you — from both 2013 and our inaugural 2012 talks.  This is made possible by the generous support from Whidbey TV, as well as community support from many other local businesses and supporters who purchased ads in the event program last year.

Please join us in thanking Whidbey TV and friends, especially George Henny, Chis Gabriel, Patricia Friedman, Caven Keith and Clancy Dunigan for endless hours and skilled expertise in making the videos. And most importantly, thank you to all our past and future presenters for sharing your stories and for inspiring us all.

So sit back, relax and watch the amazing WOW Stories again and again.  Laugh, cry, be moved and share your passion.


Click on the thumbnail of the presenter you want to watch from the Home Page; browse the Presenters Page; or simply search for their name om the site search bar.


Thanks again Whidbey TV for your support!


Share your thoughts of WOW! Stories

It’s almost a week after WOW! and we continue to receive heartfelt emails and calls thanking us for organizing WOW! Stories. It’s as if we simply do not want the conversations and experience to end! And, come on. Let’s be honest. We don’t!

First, let us say that while humbled and appreciative of all your kind words, the “thanks” goes entirely to all of you! You are the inspiration behind all of this. The idea for WOW! was started to hear your stories, to celebrate you. And, Bravo my friends; Bravo!  You delivered!    From the presenters and performers who shared so much of themselves; to the tireless volunteers and support team who welcomed us, nourished us, and made the day possible. And, most importantly, to everyone who attended and came to celebrate.   You are the ones who make this real.Wowmorningstreatchcrop

One of the things that struck me as I looked out from behind the curtain backstage  and wandered Zech Hall at lunch was an overwhelming sense of connection. Did you feel it too?    Sure, many of us came to WOW!  already “connected” through friends, family and colleagues. And, sure, we are connected through this place many of us call home, but I get the sense that it’s something more than that.  I’m having a hard time finding the right words to describe it, but I feel it.  And, it’s awesome.

So, it’s with our sincere appreciation that we we say THANK YOU for making WOW! 2013 amazing. We laughed,  we cried, we dreamed and sat in wonder – and most importantly, we connected.  Thank you for this gift.

Now, your turn.  What was your impression of the day?  Please share your comments below!


And, watch this site for more updates. We hope to share future updates and insights from our presenters. And, thanks to Clancy, Whidbey Tel, and the many people and local businesses that purchased ads in our program,  we’re working on video from the day and can’t wait to share it with you here at our website.  Please stay tuned and join in the conversation. Let us know what’s on your minds, the wonderful Women of Whidbey!