WOW! Stories Spread to New Ideas

After the annual event is over each year, we love to hear how WOW! lives on in the hearts and minds of our community. We also love hearing how the experience of WOW!  is helpful in catalyzing more WOW! doings in our speakers. So we were thrilled when Betsy McGregor used her WOW! talk to promote her new book, In Awe of Being Human, and when Elise Miller used hers as part of her grant application to the Robert Woods Foundation.

Watch their original talks here:

Betsy McGregor


Elise Miller


WOW! talks evolve too. Vicki Robbins gave an awesome TEDX talk in Seattle and Diana Lindsay’s 14-minute WOW! talk morphed into a 5-minute IGNITE talk presented at the Thriving Communities conference last week-end.


Vicki Robbins



Diana Lindsay

Diana Lindsay – Author, “Something MoreThan Hope” from Aimie Vallat on Vimeo.


Thanks to all for keeping the WOW! spirit going all year round.

Now, What have the women of WOW!Stories inspired YOU to do? Share you thoughts here!