Diana Lindsay is firmly of the belief that inside every Whidbey Woman there’s a TED Talk.  What is a TED Talk?  Originally TED Talks were pricy Silicon Valley conferences featuring 18-minute presentations by visionaries on topics of technology, entertainment and design. They’ve since gone viral, and you can now go to www.ted.com to see hundreds of fascinating talks on a wide range of topics.

Diana WOW talk still

Diana on stage at WICA at the first WOW! Stories in 2012

For Diana, TED inspired an idea that she wanted to make better by bringing it home . . .

“One afternoon, while watching the woman’s TED conference on my computer, I realized the women I most wanted to hear from lived right here on Whidbey.   I ran the idea of a sort of TED talks featuring women of Whidbey (WOW) by three friends, and within two hours  Rene Neff, Lynn Willeford, and Debora Valis had signed on to help make WOW! Stories happen. And of course, it wouldn’t be South Whidbey, if we didn’t make it a fundraiser so WICA, Mary Fisher and Whidbey Island Nourishes (W.I.N) were onboard by the second day. We operate with a budget of zero, and all donate our time because we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun.



The first WOW! Stories event kicked off on an overcast Saturday in June of 2013 as a Whidbey version of “ideas worth spreading.”  And,what happened was so much more.

Sarri gesturing (4)

Sarri Gilman, WOW! Stories 2012

“Something extraordinary happened at the first WOW event to all of us–audience, presenters, and producers. Our connection to each other profoundly deepened. My phone rang non-stop for months following this event, the WOW experience opening stories to be told, stories to be heard, continuing for months and months. It still continues now.” — Therapist Sarri Gilman,   WOW! Stories 2012 speaker

Is there a WOW! Story in you?

Yes, we’re sure there is.

Now, as we head into our third year, the energy and passion behind WOW! Stories continues to grow.  If you have an idea you’d like to share with us, a recommendation for a future presenter or if you’d like to participate or volunteer in anyway, please email us at seriouslyfunproductions@gmail.com.

On behalf of Seriously Fun Productions, thank you for being part of this amazing celebration.  Hope to see you at the next WOW! Stories!

About Seriously Fun ProductionsSFP LOGO V2_SIMPLE_B_TWEAKED

Born in 2012 from the idea that women of Whidbey have amazing stories to tell, the original Seriously Fun Productions is made up of Mary Fisher, Rene Neff, Lynn Willeford, Debora Valis and  Diana Lindsay -  a team of energetic friends who care deeply about empowering Whidbey women to tell their amazing stories, and above all, take fun seriously. Heather Racicot joined the team the second year, and Shannon Arndt came aboard in 2013.  We operate with a budget of zero and donate our time, because we wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun.

2015 SFP team: Diana Lindsay, Lynn Willeford, Shannon Arndt, Heather Racicot, Rene Neff and Debora Valis

2015 SFP team: Diana Lindsay, Lynn Willeford, Shannon Arndt, Heather Racicot, Rene Neff and Debora Valis